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The experience exchanging conference from Wu Jinping.

作者:模式识别与智能系统 | | 发布日期:2012-05-17
        On December 28th, the experience exchanging conference from Master Wu Jinping was held in the Research Institute of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System. All other graduate students listened seriously to Master Wu's conference and exchanged their experiences positively. Master Wu is now in the third year as a graduate student. During his graduate studies, he published one SCI paper, one IFAC paper, and made great contribution to the management and personnel training in the lab.
        Master Wu summed up his learning process into three stages. And he quoted the famous literary scholar Wang Guowei's three academic realms to
Illustrate his points vividly. He divided his learning process into three steps: First, set up the target. Second, explore continuously. Third, digest what you learned.
        Master Wu mentioned that the first step in the graduate studies was the step to set up the target. In this process, students should make academic plans, communicate with others frequently, and read materials widely. On these basis, they can locate themselves. In the second year, students should think much and make lots of summaries. They should innovate frequently and explore on their academic paths. After the first two processes, students should digest what they learned and keep rigorous, realistic, patient, modest. Master Wu said that the key to his success was that he had a clear goal in every process.
         After the conference, Master Wu communicated deeply with the students about literature search, papers read, and time allocation. Master Wu suggested that students should learn to be good at selecting papers, and choose those classic and influential ones.