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Students and staff participated in the 18th IFAC

作者:模式识别与智能系统 | | 发布日期:2012-04-23
         From Aug.28th to Sep. 2ed, 2011, the 18th International Federation of Automatic Control World Congress was held successfully in Milan, Italy. Under the leadership of Professor Chen Jie, seven faculty and students from the School of Automation attended this congress. The congress discussed tightly around the cutting-edge issues in the field of automatic control. Many experts and scholars in self-control field made wonderful reports.
        During the congress, students and faculty actively participated in different communication activities, selectively listened to reports, and preached their own papers at the congress. Through the communication between experts and scholars in related fields, students and faculty not only demonstrated their research results, but also gained deeper understanding of the current hot issues in control field. Through this activity, they laid good foundation for their future scientific researches.
        This congress aimed at strengthening the academic communication of international scholars in the field of automatic control. Through this IFAC Congress, students and faculty not only further expanded their research vision, but also gained a further understanding about the latest research dynamics in the field of automatic control. This congress provided the students and faculty with a good platform to demonstrate their scientific researches, and a good opportunity to exercise themselves. On the whole, this activity obtained good results.