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The academic report from Professor Jiang Zhongping

作者:模式识别与智能系统 | | 发布日期:2013-01-15
        Invited by the Research Institute of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System and the School of Automation, Professor Jiang Zhongping from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of New York University held the report on "New Stability Results in Nonlinear Time-Varying System" on Sep. 26th in Room 603 in the Graduate Building. After that, he visited the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Control of Complex System and Decision Making Ministry of Education, and made suggestions on the nonlinear control research of the lab.
        Professor Jiang has engaged in research work in many universities and research institutes in France, Australia and the United Stated of America. Now he works as a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of New York University. Professor Jiang is an internationally renowned expert in the nonlinear control field, and has engaged in researches on complex system stability theory and robust adaptive nonlinear control for a fairly long time. Up until now, he has made a series of achievements in his field, and published over 100 articles on important academic journals in the field of mathematics and control. His latest research on the stability of the complex system (in collaboration with Professor Wang Yuan) has won the 2008 Best Theoretical Paper Award of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation. According to their researches, Professor Jiang won the Outstanding Research Award of Queen Elizabeth II, Australia in 1998; the U.S. National Science Foundation Research Award (commonly known as the "President's Award") in 2001; the Research Award of the Japan Science Promotion Society (JSPS Fellow); the Overseas Outstanding Chinese Award of China Natural Science Foundation in 2008, and he was elected IEEE fellow in 2008. Now he has extensive ties and high visibility in the international academic communities.
        In his report, Professor Jiang analyzed that the original continuous time-invariant linear system model has some uncontrollable defects in some control system. Plus, he introduced the strong nonlinear model to the defects of the linearization method of original linear controller and nonlinear controller. In the end, he described in detail about the innovative researches and achievements already made by his group in the field of complex interconnected nonlinear system stability and control, and he made a brief introduction on the overall situation of the Institute of Technology of the New York University as well as the graduate enrollment of the the American Universities. In the following process, present students and staff discussed deeply with Professor Jiang about the questions they were interested in.