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Foreign Exchanges

        With the rapid development of the lab within these years, the foreign exchanges are becoming more and more frequent.
        On on hand, the students and staff are participating more and more conferences such as IFAC. These greatly broadened the horizon of the students, and brought opportunities to them. On these conferences, our lab exhibited the research results as well as the cutting-edge knowledge to the students. Throught this way, students can build foundation to their future studies. On the other hand, the lab frequently invites high-level specialist to have reports so that the students can understand the international research as well as the dynamic condition.
        Nowadays, the international exchanges are becoming deeper and deeper. Our lab has many cooperation programs. Meanwhile, the lab pays much attention to teaching. Many PhD researchers have received training in Germany, England, France and the U.S..Through these experience, they broadened their horizon, and reached great achievements in their studies.