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International cooperation projects

        2012 to 2016, bear the National Natural Science Foundation of international cooperation and exchange projects, task-oriented multi-agent system survivability topology to build the multi-objective optimization.
        Research Center Karlsruhe, Germany to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Hire the Bretthauer professor as a consultant Professor, joint training of the three Chinese doctoral student, a master of the German side, to achieve excellent results. Two of them Chinese doctoral students have been taught there. The two sides are to carry out the cooperation of the virtual medical direction.
        Long-term technology and personnel training cooperation with the SMC Corporation of Japan.
        Developed jointly with the University of the United Kingdom, Japan and other Internet-based network control system project.
        Participation in the Asia-Link project. EU to provide financial assistance by the four universities in China, Britain, France and Pakistan to participate in an international cooperation and exchange projects. The project aims to help participating colleges and universities to train young teachers in the 21st century to explore the culture for the future college teachers should have the energy and quality, to promote scientific research and academic standards to improve cooperation in scientific research.