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Joint training

        In graduate education, we focus on international exchanges and a variety of modes of cultivation, there have been a number of doctoral students receive joint training so that they broadened my horizons, expanding the idea of ​​well-known universities in Germany, Britain, France, the United States, and in their respective the research work to obtain results. The same time, we do more to encourage graduate students to participate in the high-level International Conference on extensive academic exchanges and learning with the world's best counterparts to grasp the academic frontier.

Joint training:

2012.10-2013.10 Wang Qiang, University of California Riverside, study in the Multiagent survivability
2011.01-2012.01 Mao Yu, the Utah States University research cooperative agent
2011.01-2012.01 Xin Bin, the United Kingdom University of Manchester study that optimization and decision-making
2009.03-2009.09 Zouli Hui, Universidad Plitecnica de Madrid, Spain, image stitching and registration.
2008.12-2009.11 Li Peng,the United Kingdom University of of Glamorgan research and fuel cell hybrid vehicles control.
2008.11-2009.10 Sun Wei, the Utah StatesUniversity multi-agent collaboration.
2007.11-2008.10 Lu Jing Hua, Forchungszentrum of Karlsruhe, Germany, has developed a virtual arthroscopic surgery training.
2006.01-2007.08 Wu Di University of South in Brittany in France to learn the modeling and development of distributed simulation systems.
2006.01-2007.12 of Liu fruit in the UK University of the West of England study group foraging robot optimal control.
2003.04-2004.03 Chen Jie in Germany Forchungszentrum Karsruhe in image processing, information fusion research.
2001.03-2002.02 Juan the Germany Forchungszentrum Karsruhe Research constrained nonlinear control.