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November 11th Lecture Preview.

作者:模式识别与智能系统 | | 发布日期:2012-05-17
Challenges and strategies in faculty development in a globalized world
Time: 10:00 a.m. 2010-11-11(Thursday)
Location: Conference Room 217, Main Building, BIT
Invite: All teaching and management staff, educational researchers and students who are interested in this subject.
        The development of university teachers is a common educational topic faced by higher education institutes in every country. Invited by the Academy for Educational Research, Professor Melinda Hernandez from Lansing Community College, U.S., Kang Li PhD from Michigan State University,U.S., and Professor Tan Po Li from London King's College, England, will discuss with our staff and students about the challenges and countermeasures in higher-educational faculty development as well as curriculum nationalization problems under the globalization. All students and staff are welcome to join us.
Introduction about the lecturers:
     Melinda Hernandez, Professor in English, Lansing Community College.
     Kang Li, PhD candidate in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education, Michigan State University
     Tan Po Li, PhD, Lecturer in Higher Education, King’s College London.
        These respectful lecturers are well known for their researches on university faculty development, curriculum internationalization, and student affairs administration.