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Research Direction


Institute of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent system

        The projects in our research institute feature both theoretical and applied researches, both military and civilian product researches as well as both traditional theory and emerging technologies. Now the laboratory has formed significant advantages in the following fields: Multi-objective optimization, control and decision-making of complex system; robust stability and nonlinear control of restraint system; Intelligent control and decision-making; information pattern classification, integration and recognition, and other fields of integrated control and optimization.
         The main research directions are: Multi-index optimization and multi-objective decision-making of complex system; intelligent control and intelligent system; pattern recognition theory and applications; intelligent information processing and bio informatics. The institute has made many important theoretical and applied achievements in may fields, some of which have reached the international advanced and domestic leading level, and have filled the gaps in corresponding fields. These achievements show the original innovation spirit, integrated innovation spirit and secondary innovation of original introduction spirit. Nowadays, the key laboratory is playing a fairly important role in the modernization of China's national defense and economic growth.


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